Chicken? or Pig? Just Flesh, please…

"...that half smile and nod...while their eyes glaze my very words are getting dirt on them..."

Fear of Falling (failing?)

"...I will ride this one out today..."

The Kitchen Drawer, a short story

Dreaming of daisies and butterfly gardens, I find myself running thru mazes and tunnels, sure there are blue skies somewhere above ground... How do I get there -Is it safe to come out now? Deep in the cellar of abysmal memories, I remember a guy who pretended to love me. Remember the father who left …


"...I will cling to this intensity...God willing...and recall it!"


this painting is a commentary on my journey

An Artist with ‘ISSUES’

"...I am moved...because I walked thru 20 miles and 56 years of burning coals to get where I am...

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