Mania Illuminata goes home!

Mania Illuminata shines in Five Deuces Galleria recently! Me and my shadow!! It has been a long trip but she found a good home!! WHAT a great show this was at Five Deuces Galleria down in St Petersburg this month! I had really been trying to get in a show at this gallery, I felt …

Peeping Out

"Hold on for dear life my friend."

Chicken? or Pig? Just Flesh, please…

"...that half smile and nod...while their eyes glaze my very words are getting dirt on them..."

Where I am in my Art?

"How I do struggle, with all the Angst pushing against the walls of me...."


"first things not give up..."

Yellow Belly.

...Random Words, Targeted Pain....Red, Yellow, Green and Brown Pain...White Pain...My Pain...

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