Reaching Out

Reaching Out, acrylic on canvas, Work in Progress, Susan T. Martin 2017
Reaching Out, Acrylic on Canvas, Beginning Stages, Susan T. Martin 2017
Before Reaching Out, Landscape of St. Lucie River at River Park Marina,Acrylic on Canvas, Susan T. Martin, 2016

I wanted to share some of my creative processes, and this piece in a fine example. As it is a work in progress, I still have much pondering to do! It started out as a landscape, but after my Dad died in the middle of my painting this piece, I was shaken to my core, and felt that I was drowning in grief. Did I convey the crushing, suffocating pain of losing my father?

In the intermediate image I can see the black waves of pain pulling me down, all the negativity like a ball and chain pulling me into the depths. Also, I did not realize the blood in the water until I had left the painting for weeks. One can also discern the tiny people who seem oblivious to the swimmers plight.

Happily, I see some healing in my latest efforts…will she have a savior appear?

Works in Progress!

A glimpse of  some new works, new directions!

WIN_20170815_00_11_00_Pro (2)WIN_20170814_21_10_18_ProWIN_20170814_21_09_42_Pro (3)WIN_20170814_21_08_54_Pro (3)

Clockwork Multicolor

Clockwork Multicolor, recycled Wall Clock, mixed media, Susan T. Martin, 7/2017
Clockwork Multicolor, recycled Wall Clock, Susan T. Martin, 7/2017

Crossing the Delaware Well Aware

Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware, acrylic on canvas, Susan T. Martin, 8/11/17
Detail, Crossing…Well Aware…Susan T. Martin, 8/2017
Detail, George from Crossing the Delaware WellAware, acrylic on Canvas, Susan T. Martin, 2017

The Acrylic Gallery


Acrylic Paint has been my most tried and true medium, as it is fairly inexpensive, very versatile and easily obtainable. It is the medium I was first introduced to as a child in elementary school, proceeding to my advanced art education in the I. E. P. Program for Exceptional Students during middle and high school. I have had many successes in this medium, and acrylic paint is excellent for showcasing my exuberance for living!

I find acrylic very adaptable for my work on the wide variety of surfaces I enjoy painting, from more traditional stretched canvas to the veritable plethora of materials I scavenge from various sources. These include ceramics, steel, aluminum and other metals, as well as wood, concrete and various paper products. I used to say,

“If it is not nailed down, I will paint it!”

However, I have changed that statement to,

“Even if it is nailed down, I will paint it!”.

Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware, acrylic on canvas, Susan T. Martin, 8/11/17


Dysfunction Junction

2017 Best of the Best juried Art Competition at A. E Backus Museum entry. “Dysfunction Junction”, acrylic on board, Susan T. Martin. Sold


WIN_20170311_13_44_46_Pro (3)
Dysfunction Junction, acrylic on board, 8″x 8″, Susan T, Martin

Grouchy Grouper

I really enjoy sculpture and assemblage using naturally found items from my direct environment. Grouchy Grouper was born from palm fronds and pine cones, all found within walking distance of my home. 

Grouchy Grouper, Sculpture by Susan T. Martin

Gallery 14 “Our Beautiful Waters” 2016 juried show

Art Mundo Monthly Member Show, 2016



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The River Park Marina

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The River in Red, S.T. Martin2017
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The Path, c. S.T. Martin2017
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Sailor’s Delight, c. STMartin2016
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Dusk in River Park, c.STMartin2016
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Pink Dusk, c.Susan T. Martin
KODAK Digital Still Camera
red sky at night, c.STMartin2016
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Discontent, c.STMartin2016
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Blue Sorrow, c.STMartin2016

Art on the Island 3-D Art Show

win_20170212_14_16_52_proI was so thrilled to have 2 of my sculpture/assemblage pieces on display! As a new member of the Vero Beach Art Club, I was able to have my work in this exclusive show, and am so happy it was well received! I was not permitted to photograph any art except my own, which was disappointing but understandable to me, so I can’t share the other Phenomenal Artwork displayed. I saw AMAZING THINGS!, and am more motivated than ever to continue striving for my own best work…Onward and Upward!!  win_20170212_14_17_10_proOnly the foreground artwork, entitled “Lunar Rover” and assembled from a discarded floor lamp, broken concrete block, an antique German hunting horn, and many, many thing-a-ma-jigs, and whos-it-ma-bobs. The piece was well recieved and is still available for purchase! c.SusanToddMartin2017

I also showed “Munson, a Treasured Friend”, which you have seen posted here multiple times. (I’ll post it one more time as it is still available for purchase. (A little background on “Munson”: I sculpted this Cat Head originally from a block of molded fine concrete, using traditional chisels. This was then coated with sealant and then painted with acrylics to match the markings of my mom’s beloved cat of 20 years. He was then decked out with treasured heirlooom vintage and costume jewelry, including semi-precious gems, gold and sterling. Each piece meant something to me, hand me downs from dear, departed loved ones and friends. I made this sculpture for a local art show, which required entries to be “treasure themed” , celebrating the “Treasure Coast” here in Florida. This area is so named for all the shipwrecks discovered off the coast of Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie and Stuart, these vessels laden with gold and treasures gleaned from North America and destined for Spain and Europe.

My creative process for this piece included images from old pirate and Sinbad movies, where chests full and overflowing with glistening jewels were depicted. These movies filled my childhood dreams, as did an unshakable love of my mother, who was my greatest treasure, and who I had recently lost to Cancer.

In turn, Munson was her treasure, ever a comfort in her troubled life, who lay by her side, faithfully, as she fought , and finally succumbed to cancer.

I hope you enjoy Munson, knowing, as you now do, how much love he carries beneath all his gleaming sparkles!

Sorry about the sound, I’m not sure why it buzzes. It does not do that when I view the video in my pc’s media app… But enjoy this anyway! (please, and Thank You!)