First things First>DO NOT GIVE UP!!

take the time you need to heal, then: GET UP ON YOUR FEET AND FIGHT!

“It’s not the size of the Dog in the Fight…It’s the size of the FIGHT in the Dog…”

Mark Twain

My physical health knocked me down for the past 2 weeks, any headway I had made in my Art Practice seemed to be slip-sliding away! I had given myself a wake up call, determined to make this a great year for my self expression. Motivated by many hours of study in art history, and of the great Masters, then the Impressionists, And on down thru the centuries…

I was Fired Up and hitting on all cylinders! I even sought some marketing advise, only to be told that I had no idea what I was doing and probably never would. Ahhh, welll. That’s nothing new, my Dad told me that for 40 years!

I will not let negative remarks cloud my Artistic Vision! As long as I am able, I will use this gift to tell my story: Sometimes messy, sometimes hard to look at…

BUT ALWAYS UNIQUELY MY OWN! Hooray for Me, and for You!

So, I had been sidelined, but I still have 5 works in 4 shows across the US right now! Not bad for a loser!!

Just Being ME is Awesome! (detail “A Wee Bit Peckish” now showing at Woodwalk Gallery online)

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