"I'm back in Black and White, and better than EVER!"

Mania Illuminata goes home!

Mania Illuminata shines in Five Deuces Galleria recently! Me and my shadow!! It has been a long trip but she found a good home!! WHAT a great show this was at Five Deuces Galleria down in St Petersburg this month! I had really been trying to get in a show at this gallery, I felt …

The Healing

and The "Salvator" Mommy . (And THE LAVENDER CAT!) Being still is very difficult for me mentally. Having a racing mind is the natural state of being for me, anything else is alien and uncomfortable. If I'm flitting about inside I can leap away from my disturbing thoughts as soon as they appear- it's a …

Peeping Out

"Hold on for dear life my friend."

The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and ME!

A Founding Artist of the Permanent Collection Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning entry, "Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware"/ Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation's INSIGHTS II/ Zolla Liebermann Gallery/ 2017 Founding Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning piece "Spring Hearts" at Insights III(Zolla/Liebermann Gallery) 2019 "Deep Running" ©Susan Todd Martin, winning entry/INSIGHTS IV/ …

Now We Know

" Like a baby bird fallen from it's nest, I want to fix her..."

Turning My Art on it’s Head

"...that secret ingredient that pushes us to create...true and lasting greatness."

Calling Down thru the Centuries

"We chased the sidewinder, ran with roadrunners. Our feet bled walking empty highways...riding empty boxcars..."

In the Arms of Angels: Rise Up

"I could send an angel...strong, intercept her in midair!"

Chicken? or Pig? Just Flesh, please…

"...that half smile and nod...while their eyes glaze my very words are getting dirt on them..."

“Honey, it’s that Rabbit Hole calling…”

..."let them know they are loved...and it's OK to breath once in a while..."

Fear of Falling (failing?)

"...I will ride this one out today..."

The Kitchen Drawer, a short story

Dreaming of daisies and butterfly gardens, I find myself running thru mazes and tunnels, sure there are blue skies somewhere above ground... How do I get there -Is it safe to come out now? Deep in the cellar of abysmal memories, I remember a guy who pretended to love me. Remember the father who left …

Just Another Artistic Wednesday!

...big fan of Egon Schiele, and...feel a sort of kindred spirit...

A Neighbor’s Dying

"...Poor, poor Chris...I guess maybe your train finally came..."

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