Peeping Out

"Hold on for dear life my friend."

The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and ME!

A Founding Artist of the Permanent Collection Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning entry, "Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware"/ Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation's INSIGHTS II/ Zolla Liebermann Gallery/ 2017 Founding Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning piece "Spring Hearts" at Insights III(Zolla/Liebermann Gallery) 2019 "Deep Running" ©Susan Todd Martin, winning entry/INSIGHTS IV/ …

When Darkness Falls

" that could not have escaped...without the catalyst of discomfort..."

It’s 4 AM and I’m still not TIRED! A Projection of Future Events

...this sound will awaken my neurotic and highly excitable one-eyed Shih Tzu who suffers from an unusual condition..."

“Honey, it’s that Rabbit Hole calling…”

..."let them know they are loved...and it's OK to breath once in a while..."

Fear of Falling (failing?)

"...I will ride this one out today..."

A Neighbor’s Dying

"...Poor, poor Chris...I guess maybe your train finally came..."


"...I will cling to this intensity...God willing...and recall it!"


this painting is a commentary on my journey

The Hurrier I Go…

THE BEHINDER I GET How true, how true that Pennsylvania Dutch saying is. I squander my art endeavors, rushing from this deadline to that, frazzled, befuddled and unsatisfied. That may be what drove Van Gogh insane, the constant turmoil to do better. I am making the presumption that perhaps the rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder that …


'Progress, not perfection.' Who said that? I hate you, whoever you are. Because I...WANT...PERFECTION! The Earth keeps spinning on it's Axis, and my mind keeps spinning like a mouse wheel. A recent medical issue charges my thoughts with negative ions, even with semi-positive news reports... Nothing to see here, folks. Let's keep moving... Relevance...that's the …

Are You Confused?

"Dysfunction Junction", BEST of the BEST at The Backus Museum, 2016Detail:Growth, Susan T. Martin" Renata's Path" commissionBefore Reaching Out, Landscape of St. Lucie River at River Park Marina,Acrylic on Canvas, Susan T. Martin, 2016Keep My Distance!A Flashback!A Glance Back at Some Random Works since 2015 Who Was I Then? Am I Now? Who Will I …

Starting Over, Over Again

"... can you see me going mad in here?..."

An Artist with ‘ISSUES’

"...I am moved...because I walked thru 20 miles and 56 years of burning coals to get where I am...

Over the Humpty-Dump

Oh, the fun of a downward spiral...After a week or two of just mind blowing energy and creativity, comes the inevitable crash. This time it was about a week of doldrums, pain, negativity and actual physical illness, all of which I attribute to this illness called Bipolar Disorder. The worst part of a depressive episode, …

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