I Don’t Feel Very Good.


Are We All Infected?

Can you dig it? I am sure most all of you can, gentle readers. You can probably deduce from my latest posts that my creative powers seem rather discombobulated. I would have to agree with you.  The “SITUATION” certainly has a dampening effect on my spirit; whereas I used to force myself to get around people and interact for my mental health, now I have more than enough reason to stay home. The guilt I feel for staying up all night still pokes me in the side in the morning (oh, wait a minute, that was my teddy bear), however, I just take a swig out of my water glass, roll over and bury my face in Kleo’s furry belly and drift happily back to dreamland.

Artwork and Pictures 020
Kleo and her Magic Belly

.  I did try to do better, by getting ready for bed before 3am , which is good for me. I hit a groove in my art practice, which does usually happen around 2-3, and was looking up images of pelicans for a study I’m going to do. I was VERY mature and turned off all my devices and went to bed. Then I laid there, in agony, on that horrible verge of wakefulness and sleep. This happens when my pain patch wears out and my muscle relaxer can’t keep me far enough under to rest. So I feel like a throbbing thumb you just smashed with a hammer that is now buried in hot quicksand… Everything in s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n…except the p-a-i-n…

WIN_20180609_20_15_17_Pro (7)

.  I have been letting myself go, and allowing my house to get (very) messy…Even though they talk on the news about food running out, I can’t get myself to go to the store…I will when the dogs need food, I guess. All I want to eat is chocolate and ice cream, maybe a few Doritos in between to cleanse my palate… I allowed myself to vent by creating this:

WIN_20200409_19_42_18_Pro (7)_LI
Play. House.

I also made these :

WIN_20200409_19_42_18_Pro (6)_LI
my living room …
WIN_20200409_19_42_18_Pro (6)
oooo, spooky(or is it?)
WIN_20200409_19_42_18_Pro (3)_LI
pelican dream
WIN_20200409_19_42_18_Pro (5)_LI
not too dreamy…

And you will never believe what I originally photographed to create these works! That will give YOU something to do for a few minutes!

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