Praying Praying Mantis

Here is a first look at my new metal sculpture, “Praying Praying Mantis”! I am so excited about this effort, it was my first time welding and plasma cutting, which I did freehand. I absolutely LOVE the medium, and hope to incorporate more metalworking into my portfolio in the future. I hope you enjoy!

I found this little post in my recycle bin… My “Praying Praying Mantis” has been standing watchin my garden for the past 3 years , praying for humans to take better care of his habitat!

Intergallactic Dragonfly, mixed media sculpture,Susan T. Martin 2016, sold

Here is another sculpture of mine, from 4 years ago, from which I coined the name ” Out of the Gutter”. I have every  intention of making more gutter sculptures, I just have to find a way to construct without using toxic glues… That is why I learned to weld, but I never did get a machine…

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