"I'm back in Black and White, and better than EVER!"

“Ooo, the Girl is GROUCHY!”,

"That's ENOUGH! Now, suck it up and get to work!"

Will You Forgive Me?

"I will flay myself alive...peeling off each layer to offer up to the powers that be..."

An Artist’s Realization:

"My dreams are NOT dead!..."

Many Moons: A New One Rises

"I am NOT giving up, I am not going anywhere, and I'm certainly NOT GOING QUIETLY!"

Mer Sea the Maid-Horse

...not Buffalo Bill, not Hannibal, Paper Factory..."


Stuck in the Barnyard "OLD McDONALD HAD A COMMISSION...Oh no, Oh no, Oh no......" The First Draft of "The Dreaded Barnyard" One of my Trippy Palm Frond Creations So, I had a "Patron", and I am envisioning a relationship similar to Michaelangelo had with The Pope.. Endless coffers, freedom of expression in my own magnificent …

The Cathouse Munson, A Treasured Friend assemblage on Carved Sculpture by Susan T. Martin, in The Art on The Island 3-D Art Show Been trapping feral kitties this weekend...but not to kill them. Yay! I've been working with a nonprofit called Meow Now, which I believe has chapters nationwide. They catch, neuter/spay , vaccinate and bring …


...there is a niggling worry, about the big C...CO I mean...VID...

Over the Humpty-Dump

Oh, the fun of a downward spiral...After a week or two of just mind blowing energy and creativity, comes the inevitable crash. This time it was about a week of doldrums, pain, negativity and actual physical illness, all of which I attribute to this illness called Bipolar Disorder. The worst part of a depressive episode, …

In My Room

"Sleep to Dream a Dreamer's Sleep...Let the Midnight Watchman Creep..." A step into a past full of Victorian Charm, all furniture and walls handpainted and me. your home is your place to dream, to find peace and rest. A cocoon, a safe haven, an island in the storm... a place to create, to define, …

What Does Artistic Success LOOK Like?

Wouldn't we all like to know, right? Yes! We all want to be a great "success" in our chosen field, and many artists have a clear idea of what they need to be successful. Speaking for myself, I thought success would mean the end of financial struggle, to a point. As a person with mental …

RILEY the Elegant Elephant

An update on our dear friend Riley!

Praying Praying Mantis

Here is a first look at my new metal sculpture, "Praying Praying Mantis"! I am so excited about this effort, it was my first time welding and plasma cutting, which I did freehand. I absolutely LOVE the medium, and hope to incorporate more metalworking into my portfolio in the future. I hope you enjoy! I …

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