New Thoughts for a New Year

The Dreaming Forest , Oil Pastel on Board, ©STMartin2021

Belief: Trust, Faith and Confidence in something or someone…an Acceptance that a statement is true or something exists

In Success: I have proven to myself, over and over again, that my work sells. That I am much better at marketing, and that with more effort I can do better still.

Dresser with Flowers from Space ©STMartin2021

In Ability: Similar to my belief in my success, but here I’m including my ability to grow in skill. I have shown that I am teachable, I can learn apply new techniques rapidly, and love the learning process. I have an open mind to new art practices.

Unhinged, Acrylic on Canvas ©STMartin2021

In Purpose: I see myself becoming more self sufficient, more confident. Growing in my pursuit of a life independent of outside aid. I see myself looking outward to helping others, a reachable goal. Purposeful sharing of my gifts.

In Vision: Understanding what I want to say in each work, what I see the outcome looking like. Embracing my inner voice, allowing her to speak about her journey. Letting that be the goal. Reaching out towards new horizons, letting my heart expand.

The Commute, Oil Pastel on canvas© STMartin2021

These are new thoughts, today. A plan. Guideposts. I need these set before me in a tangible way. Gentle reminders to stay on point, stay on the path of growth.

I climb out of the muck of the past today, put my feet on the crag. Climbing, Reaching, Learning….Living.

Documenting my journey, my successful artist’s journey.

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