New Art by an Old Fart

Ok, not the most flattering of titles, but I’m a wee bit pessimistic today… I was really on a roll earlier in the week. 2 local shows coming up, my work on those was progressing nicely. Also a call for re ycled art for a beach clean up event next month…again, very motivated and well into this endeavor. All’s well on the good ship Lollypop, right?

…. So, I have the great idea, on the spur of the moment (of course) to get my first covid shot. I had been battling with myself, going back and forth on the pros and cons, many of which have to do with my current, painful health issues, when I made this bold decision. And the fact that they had an opening a few hours away made it easier, too. No time to waffle.

My energy level was still high when I got the injection, and I came home feeling pretty darn good. I had been selling some ac units that day, and moving a lot of heavy items around the patio. No side effects, I bragged to everyone! I did have a twinge of a headache, but that was just low blood sugar…

That was Tuesday, today is Friday. I spent ALL Day in bed or on couch Wednesday, and ALL DAY in bed Thursday. I laid awake in agony all night last night, my back and kidney area SCREAMING in pain. Could it be all the lifting I was doing? Absolutely. But other little tics have me thinking about why they asked so many questions on the forms about preexisting painful conditions, and about siezurez and headaches and prior skeletal issues… Hmmm.

All in all though, I am up out of bed today, creeping around a bit. But I am feeling the pressure of these Calls closing in, and I lost 2 days work. I hope this broken down old body of mine can keep up with this artist’s brain! Onward and upward, mateys!!!

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