Let fall Your rain while You shout with mighty Thunder!

Your heaven’s flash in wrath: white hot and blue!

May my steed rise to face the dreaded battle-

my shining sword run Your enemy thru!

Your Oceans roar and toss the ships like kindling,

the mighty whale and walrus fight below

The raging wind destroyeth all before it,

there is no end to the power Your arm knows!

Ahh, a stellar day for a rousing poem about fighting for God and righteousness like a knight in glistening armour! I can hear the metallic crash of shield to lance, and the boom of shipboard cannons!

Maybe I need to watch a rerun of Poldark!! I have been working on a nautical themed commission, that could have my brain on the high seas today. As far as righteous battles go, maybe a news story about an awesome film soon to be released triggered me…it is an attempt to tell unvarnished history, and I can’t wait to see it…”Kill all the Brutes!” I think is the name…

It will pull the wool away from many an eye!! So exciting!

Let those waves of change crash on yon shore!! Ride the storm out!

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