Water Flowing thru My Art Life

image15 jpg healing waters

"Fish of a Different Feather" by Susan T. Martin
one fish two fish red fish blue fish
WIN_20170922_00_15_52_Pro (5)
Fish of a Different Feather
Reaching Out, acrylic on canvas, Work in Progress, Susan T. Martin 2017
WIN_20170216_01_37_00_Pro (2)
The Passage
Reaching Out, Acrylic on Canvas, Beginning Stages, Susan T. Martin 2017
KODAK Digital Still Camera
River in Red
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Portals to Peace ( The Legacy of Lunacy ) by Susan T. Martin2016

Water…Healing. Soothing. Cleansing. Renewing. Refreshing. Constant. Relaxing

Tempestuous. Raging. Running. Crashing. Tumultuous. Freeing.

It Gives Life, It Takes Life. It’s Waves Hold the Secrets of a Million Years.

Voyages Undertaken, Trips Made, Sailing into the Unknown, New Lives Across

Rolling Seas.

Ever Present, Ever Changing the Landscapes of Our Lives.

Flowing Over the Ragged Edges So We Can Make Land Safely.

Crashing Over Our Bow to Sink Us on Reefs of Folly.




S. T. M. 2020

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