Hello, my friends. I am hoping that you are doing well, enduring this Pandemic with a sense of inner peace and compassion for other human beings. Now is a time when I pull on all my strength from sources I have long depended on to get me through major trauma and trials. My love of my Higher Power, and the help He sends when I need and ask for it, and the resources He provides bring me a feeling of security. My own Father, although I loved him to an unreasonable degree judging by his treatment of all of the family, was not a dependable source of comfort. Neither was my poor Mom, as I recall. But that’s a story for another day.

.   Today I feel expansive, compassionate: I even feel kindly to my twenty-five year old sickly cat, Fogerty, who tries every day to vomit on my devices. (If I dwell on that I will feel less warm and fuzzy…) No, really…I spent time thinking deeply today about others, lonely, broken and feeling frightened by forces many don’t comprehend. To those deep in the throes of Poverty and Addiction, those scarred by Abuse and/or Mental Illness. Their world have always been full of fear and pain, for many the sweet slumber of death could be called Mercy. I know I thought this when I numbered among the dizzy throng, a head and heart ravaged by self loathing and dreadful cravings for release.

.  This global situation will undoubtedly bring nothing but more suffering heaped upon their broken backs. Now even those clinging by fingernails to the ends of ropes tied to basic necessities may lose their tentative hold, and fall into abject Poverty’s gaping, slathering visage. Oh, dear me! I fear I have strayed into poetic dismay! All I really wanted to say is that I feel our collective pain, acutely.The Sentinel resizejpg

.  Today I am sharing my art of finding discarded, forlorn and unloved furniture, cookwear and debris and making it cool again. That’s what we all ultimately want to be: Cool…and cherished.

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.  Thanks for listening.

I really meant to add a bunch I’m working on as we speak, but got very tired…sorry…

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