Under Revision AGAIN!!!

Ok, I am frustrated. Really.

I have been at this for a while now, and I feel like it should not be this hard. I want to create a portfolio, a professional one, for my art. Or should I say of my art, I am not even sure. What that tells me is that I need to educate myself on what an Artist Portfolio really is. So, here goes.

” An Artist’s Portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist style or method of work. A portfolio is used by artists to show their employers their versatility by showing different samples of their current work”. …Hmmmm. show…by showing…hmmm…

Ok, so, there I have it. I must put together my very best, but current artwork that showcases my style, method and versatility in creating said artwork. And this collection is to be presented to an employer that I do not even know exists.

Easy, right?

Being that it is edited, do I wean out my very best artwork that does not showcase my versatility because it is in my own method? Is my style versatile enough to be showcased? In what method, and to whom? Or is it who? To who will I present my hypothetical portfolio in such a methodically versatile manner?

I’m sure you get my drift. It seems such a vaguely overwhelming task of such astronomically minute proportions. Mind you, only the very, very best….

My progress thus far has been to gather every sort of scrap of paper to which my dainty hand has left it’s deft mark. To gather these shreds thusly and cram them tenderly into a physically grotesque folder with lightly yet delicately dog-eared corners, which was then unceremoniously flopped in front of aforementioned only-dreamt-about future employer.

I dasn’t dare even dwell upon the vulgarity of such an act.

Me, Oh! My!

I think I am going to cry…

“Crossing the Delaware , Well Aware ” mixed media, Susan T. Martin 2017
Detail, Crossing…Well Aware…Susan T. Martin, 8/2017
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