Creative Process for “Reaching Out”

Reaching Out, acrylic on canvas, Work in Progress, Susan T. Martin 2017
Reaching Out, Acrylic on Canvas, Beginning Stages, Susan T. Martin 2017
Before Reaching Out, Landscape of St. Lucie River at River Park Marina,Acrylic on Canvas, Susan T. Martin, 2016

I wanted to share some of my creative processes, and this piece in a fine example. As it is a work in progress, I still have much pondering to do! It started out as a landscape, but after my Dad died in the middle of my painting this piece, I was shaken to my core, and felt that I was drowning in grief. Did I convey the crushing, suffocating pain of losing my father?

In the intermediate image I can see the black waves of pain pulling me down, all the negativity like a ball and chain pulling me into the depths. Also, I did not realize the blood in the water until I had left the painting for weeks. One can also discern the tiny people who seem oblivious to the swimmers plight.

Happily, I see some healing in my latest efforts…will she have a savior appear?

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