A Long Lost Love

"Art class with the finest teacher...I did not think I liked the man..."

A Power Play Please

Do something! Say something! Move a muscle, change a thought! All seems to be running smoothly-till it's not, and it's not; right now. How? Every thing seemed peachy-'seemed' being the operative word here. I seem like I'm young and beautiful-but is it truly the case? It 'seems' nice and comfortable outside-until you open the door …

A “No” Blow to the Ego!

Did it hurt? No, of course not. (well, just a wee bit, maybe...) Oh, the joys of waiting to hear if you got the "Call". That's what we artists refer to when we apply for a chance to get into a show, or to paint a mural, or design a sculpture, etc. It's a process …

Turning My Art on it’s Head

"...that secret ingredient that pushes us to create...true and lasting greatness."

Calling Down thru the Centuries

"We chased the sidewinder, ran with roadrunners. Our feet bled walking empty highways...riding empty boxcars..."

In the Arms of Angels: Rise Up

"I could send an angel...strong, beautiful...to intercept her in midair!"

*UPDATE*Hello Fellow Fellows of Art

The Water Plant (sold) ©SusanTMartin2019 ******To all my dear friends who were worrying about me, I am doing fine and I did have a Covid test 4 days after I first felt sick, and it came out negative! So, yay, for that, and yay for feeling so much better! I hope this finds you all …

Adventures of a Cross-Eyed Girl

"brain injured in stages, blow by sickening blow...hands that...pledged to love and cherish me..."

Mer Sea the Maid-Horse

...not Buffalo Bill, not Hannibal Lecter...no, Paper Factory..."

When Darkness Falls

"...work that could not have escaped...without the catalyst of discomfort..."

“Honey, it’s that Rabbit Hole calling…”

..."let them know they are loved...and it's OK to breath once in a while..."

New Art by an Old Fart

Ok, not the most flattering of titles, but I'm a wee bit pessimistic today... I was really on a roll earlier in the week. 2 local shows coming up, my work on those was progressing nicely. Also a call for re ycled art for a beach clean up event next month...again, very motivated and well …


..."The raging wind destroyeth all before it...."

Where I am in my Art?

"How I do struggle, with all the Angst pushing against the walls of me...."

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