Round One: Let the Game Begin!

"...walking into the sunlight of my artistic future!"

Will You Forgive Me?

"I will flay myself alive...peeling off each layer to offer up to the powers that be..."

A GREAT Motivator…

"...I'll look outside for a hippo to wrestle..."

An Artist’s Realization:

"My dreams are NOT dead!..."

What it all Means

Seeking Deeper Meaning in my life, thru my Art: I'm faced with this question. Making a statement about my art, who I am as an artist. What do I want people to feel? Do I want them to feel? Ok, here's something I can bite into... The Commute ©STMartin2022 Yes, I want to evoke emotion. …

Many Moons: A New One Rises

"I am NOT giving up, I am not going anywhere, and I'm certainly NOT GOING QUIETLY!"

New Thoughts for a New Year

The Dreaming Forest , Oil Pastel on Board, ©STMartin2021 Belief: Trust, Faith and Confidence in something or Acceptance that a statement is true or something exists In Success: I have proven to myself, over and over again, that my work sells. That I am much better at marketing, and that with more effort I …

Gratitude Big

"Things I like to take out and hold from time to time...this special grateful day."

A Day of Possibility

Finding a new project is an enlightening occurrence. Feeling exhilaration and anticipation. Where will my imagination take me? I feel new ideas stirring, a freestyle mood calling. Out of darkness comes new life, an unfurling seed, a vine of thriving, reaching thought. Fertile 'mind soil' feeds experimentation with color, shadow, shape... The sky expands before …

How Do I Always Get Here…How Do I Leave?

"one project done, the next begun: all clarity-no haze..."

The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and ME!

A Founding Artist of the Permanent Collection Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning entry, "Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware"/ Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation's INSIGHTS II/ Zolla Liebermann Gallery/ 2017 Founding Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning piece "Spring Hearts" at Insights III(Zolla/Liebermann Gallery) 2019 "Deep Running" ©Susan Todd Martin, winning entry/INSIGHTS IV/ …

Now We Know

" Like a baby bird fallen from it's nest, I want to fix her..."

Totally Spent

"Knowing you did your level best to create something worthy..."

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