Well, That Didn’t Last Very Long!!!

Oh my, I have SO much to learn!!!

I have made another financial blunder , it seems. I make them frequently, so Im not surprised. Just like I am not surprised that I locked my keys in my car this afternoon while parked under a huge Osprey Nest. So, right when I shut the door I heard “SPLAT” !!! I could not comprehend what was happening for a minute… I looked at all the white splatters running down the side of my car and wondered where all that paint had come from… Was I the victim of road rage? I looked at the white splatters on the pavement as I turned in a perplexed circle, dazed. I kept tugging on my locked door handles while peering thru the splattered window at my keys sitting in the center console…Right next to the phone I would need to call for help. Sigh…

When I heard the loud bird laughter overhead I came out of my stupor. Thank goodness the supermarket let me call my old auntie who in turn let me use her AAA roadside assistance. I waited just a matter of minutes for the locksmith to pull up and I showed him where My car was. I could not figure out why he was laughing so hard, until he told me he had been there just an hour earlier to unlock a guys car…IN THE SAME PARKING SPOT!!!


So, now I’m tired. I will come back tomorrow and tell you about NOT setting up my new art store, and losing over 100 dollars simultaneously… You will enjoy that comedy of errors as well!!!

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