The Grateful Artist

Painting thru the Pain

They say pain is a great motivator. In many respects this can be true. It may move a person to action, to find some kind of relief.

. My pain is often physical, I have found some relief in Doctor prescribed medication. For the mental anguish that accompanies the physical discomfort, I create art.

Due to some unfortunate occurrences in the past months, my physical pain has escalated to nearly unbearable proportions. The physical recovery is ongoing; my output of art has increased exponentially in response to the mental damage this event has caused.

This pain is a catalyst for change, and due to new physical challenges I have had to make adjustments in my methods. So frustrating…

. I will be ok, eventually. This event has knocked me back, but not out. I am climbing out of this darkness. Thank you for being a source of encouragement, my loyal friends…

I will “Keep Pushing On!”


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