Little Dipper

Oh, the way we roll…up one wave, down the next ad infinitum… My balloon can be pricked so easily, it’s like the world and everyone on it are made out of pins. I get to the point where the remedy is sleep and sweets , not necessarily in that order. The wind has left me in the Doldrums, in a tropical heatwave.

I get cranky in the heat, and there is no respite, even in the house where the afternoon till 7pm Temps range from 84 to ninety, with the AC on full blast.

Woe is me, woe is me… I was so glad to have the job on the tea cart, really motivated and doing fine work (I thought so, anyway…)

Yesterday the Gentleman who gave me the commission showed up at my door with a little wagon to take it home, unfinished !!!! I told him I only had about 1/2 done, but he insisted “No, you’re done.”and hurried out with it with the words, “Oh, and here’s your money”.

Thats when the Little Dipper visited, and is doing it’s darndest to turn into a Bigger Dipper. I didn’t even sign it, because it was only 1/2 done! Ah, well. I’m going to refund 1/2 the money. It hurts my conscience to keep it….

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