THE Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and The Insights III Art Show

One of the Standout Moments of me ENTIRE LIFE has been the honor and privilege of my Art being chosen in the Insights II Art Exhibition which showcases the work of Bipolar Artists. The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation held this show, to highlight Bipolar Artists and help reduce the stigma of the Disease. It was a Gala affair, and I travelled to Chicago overnight last October to be honored and celebrate all of our achievements. I met and was befriended by Dusty and Joyce Sang, truly visionary and selfless, who started the Foundation in honor of their beloved son Ryan, who succumbed to the effects of Bipolar Disorder’s Mania and Despair. Seeing my painting on the wall of the beautiful gallery, next to fellow artists who truly understand and have walked this lonely path, and feeling the WEIGHT of it all changed me.

The experience brought a lift to my heart and my step, it validated me as an artist struggling with Bipolar Disorder, and  pushed me to higher ground creatively.

Although I am physically disabled and challenged financially, it was worth every sacrifice I made to go. I am a better person for it, and I want so bad to go this year!

Because, you see, I have a work in this year’s show!!  Yes! Toot the tooters! Throw the Confetti! I am THRILLED!!! . C4C4BAEB-E0D8-4B76-89A0-C5FBE582A12C  However, there is a small matter holding me back….

And I am afraid I must attend to pressing financial matters like Eating, and Paying Bills…But I was wondering, just hoping that perhaps someone out there who loves my work, loves someone like me with Bipolar Disorder, or is just wanting to help, might find a way to donate a few dollars to my trip. I could paint you a painting, send you a hand painted Vintage jello Mold, write you a poem… Just let me know! And I am going to put a little payment button on my post…

This is the Artwork that is in the Insights III Bipolar Art Exhibition on October 25th, 2019

“SPRING HEARTS” mixed media on vintage metal mold, now in the Permanent Collection

I had priced the trip including a round trip flight and overnight in the Found Hostel on Expedia back in July, and it was around $375.00…

I will have about half I hope, I’m trying desperately to sell some things on Ebay, and on here, but it’s very slow going… I get mixed up so easy! Anyway, here is another Jello Mold I have ready right now!0016F7FD-5301-4DB1-8019-5899452EC59E643A24E6-C92A-4B8B-9149-431D0108AB6CYou can even name him yourself!! Thank You in advance just for reading!

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