Of my mind. Time Out of focus, out of Sync. Time just being…

Time remembering Who and Why I am, Time knowing the “what” of me.

Time to be Dirt, and Dirty. To Dig my Hands into the Earth, to Turn Soil, The Soil of Me.

Time to Reason out the Rhyme, Ride out the Time, Restart the Climb.

Time Immemorial, Time Irrelevant, Time Never Wasted, Time tasted?

Time taken to Taste the Life, To Heighten the Resonance, To Become a Reality.

My God! I need More TIME, he shouts, his back to the Stabbing Wind, his Words being torn from his Lips, like Leaves from a Timeless Tree, MORE TIME, My God!

I’m out of time, spent my last dime on an empty line…

-TIME OUT- this is not the End of Times, the Last of Rhyme, NO Indeed, we have Lots of Time, to Tow the Line, it will all be fine!  …fade to black…36745241-04D0-49FB-B4FA-C2625542B760

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