The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and ME!

A Founding Artist of the Permanent Collection Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning entry, "Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware"/ Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation's INSIGHTS II/ Zolla Liebermann Gallery/ 2017 Founding Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning piece "Spring Hearts" at Insights III(Zolla/Liebermann Gallery) 2019 "Deep Running" ©Susan Todd Martin, winning entry/INSIGHTS IV/ …

Calling Down thru the Centuries

"We chased the sidewinder, ran with roadrunners. Our feet bled walking empty highways...riding empty boxcars..."

Adventures of a Cross-Eyed Girl

"brain injured in stages, blow by sickening blow...hands that...pledged to love and cherish me..."

Just Another Artistic Wednesday!

...big fan of Egon Schiele, and...feel a sort of kindred spirit...

Painting My Heart Out

Woo Hoo ! I am an artist WHIRLWIND again! Hang on, cause art is flowing out of me in a torrent, and I need more hands. I am happy to be out of "funk town" for a while! I entered six shows in the past month and now have 5 paintings accepted into these shows …

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