An Artist’s Realization:

"My dreams are NOT dead!..."

Many Moons: A New One Rises

"I am NOT giving up, I am not going anywhere, and I'm certainly NOT GOING QUIETLY!"

New Thoughts for a New Year

The Dreaming Forest , Oil Pastel on Board, ©STMartin2021 Belief: Trust, Faith and Confidence in something or Acceptance that a statement is true or something exists In Success: I have proven to myself, over and over again, that my work sells. That I am much better at marketing, and that with more effort I …

A Day of Possibility

Finding a new project is an enlightening occurrence. Feeling exhilaration and anticipation. Where will my imagination take me? I feel new ideas stirring, a freestyle mood calling. Out of darkness comes new life, an unfurling seed, a vine of thriving, reaching thought. Fertile 'mind soil' feeds experimentation with color, shadow, shape... The sky expands before …

How Do I Always Get Here…How Do I Leave?

"one project done, the next begun: all clarity-no haze..."

The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation and ME!

A Founding Artist of the Permanent Collection Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning entry, "Crossing the Delaware, Well Aware"/ Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation's INSIGHTS II/ Zolla Liebermann Gallery/ 2017 Founding Artist Susan Todd Martin with her winning piece "Spring Hearts" at Insights III(Zolla/Liebermann Gallery) 2019 "Deep Running" ©Susan Todd Martin, winning entry/INSIGHTS IV/ …

Totally Spent

"Knowing you did your level best to create something worthy..."

A Long Lost Love

"Art class with the finest teacher...I did not think I liked the man..."

A Power Play Please

Do something! Say something! Move a muscle, change a thought! All seems to be running smoothly-till it's not, and it's not; right now. How? Every thing seemed peachy-'seemed' being the operative word here. I seem like I'm young and beautiful-but is it truly the case? It 'seems' nice and comfortable outside-until you open the door …

A “No” Blow to the Ego!

Did it hurt? No, of course not. (well, just a wee bit, maybe...) Oh, the joys of waiting to hear if you got the "Call". That's what we artists refer to when we apply for a chance to get into a show, or to paint a mural, or design a sculpture, etc. It's a process …

Turning My Art on it’s Head

"...that secret ingredient that pushes us to create...true and lasting greatness."

In the Arms of Angels: Rise Up

"I could send an angel...strong, intercept her in midair!"

Mer Sea the Maid-Horse

...not Buffalo Bill, not Hannibal, Paper Factory..."

Birds of Paradise

"...running to the window, still asleep, she fell thru the glass with a crash..."

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