The Mural Dream of a Cool Kid

"I was high on life, and probably paint fumes and Columbian felt cool..."

Peeping Out

"Hold on for dear life my friend."

A “No” Blow to the Ego!

Did it hurt? No, of course not. (well, just a wee bit, maybe...) Oh, the joys of waiting to hear if you got the "Call". That's what we artists refer to when we apply for a chance to get into a show, or to paint a mural, or design a sculpture, etc. It's a process …

A Neighbor’s Dying

"...Poor, poor Chris...I guess maybe your train finally came..."


this painting is a commentary on my journey

Eating Art

I eat a lot of my art. Great flow, free strokes, endless imagination...stuffed in my spare bedroom. "What spare bedroom?" You have a right to ask, especially when the door is always shut, the cat box takes center stage, there is no sign of any bed and the entire perimiter is taken up with painted …

Free My Mind for You/ Free Your Mind for Me

...inside myself I am whole, where I am not broken...

The Duality of My Artistic Self

Depicting my own image has been a starting point my work from the beginning. As a child my drawings were always of female faces, although I never consciously realized these were reflections of me. Even then, in my earliest work, the duality of my nature is blatantly apparent. .  The faces I drew were always …

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