RILEY the Elegant Elephant

An update on our dear friend Riley!

This tiny GIANT Life of Mine!!!

I am Creating! In a wonderful whirlwind! Paint flying off brushes onto cement, metal, canvas and walls! Hot glue, super glue, elmers glue, whew! My work feels urgent, and it has for a while...secretly I have been feeling that my time here is limited, so I must hurry-make my mark while I can! Is it …


Giving Counsel,pen and ink on paper, Susan T. Martin2017 Is it a mother talking to her daughter? Is the younger woman paying attention, or is her mind on other things, girlish things? Perhaps she is listening to the loving counsel of the other woman...

A Conversation, part 1

created by Susan T. Martin,2017

Great Signs

This painting was motivated by the feelings of gratitude I have for God's Creative power, and how I am helped to endure each day, even through the pain I face...Susan T. Martin

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