oh so WHITE AND SHINY... Waiting for my pen, for my brush. I just cant stand the barrenness of it, stretching of into the infinite distance, saying nothing. I cant sit in silence either, in a social setting. I would be awful in an interrogation, babbling mindlessly- wait... not mindlessly. I do get chatty, but …

The Mural Dream of a Cool Kid

"I was high on life, and probably paint fumes and Columbian Gold...it felt cool..."

Where is Captain Jack?

"...maybe all artists...go thru periods of feast followed by famine..."

Round One: Let the Game Begin!

"...walking into the sunlight of my artistic future!"

Will You Forgive Me?

"I will flay myself alive...peeling off each layer to offer up to the powers that be..."

A GREAT Motivator…

"...I'll look outside for a hippo to wrestle..."

An Artist’s Realization:

"My dreams are NOT dead!..."


this painting is a commentary on my journey

An Artist with ‘ISSUES’

"...I am moved...because I walked thru 20 miles and 56 years of burning coals to get where I am...

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