For The Love of DETAIL

The Magic Bus AT ALTITUDE / SUSAN TODD MARTIN 2022 New art, the tiny line moving across the canvas. my pin-dot imaginary School Bus driving thru a blazing white desert.(That's funny, a School Bus! Why not a Mach I , or a horse or something? I'm such a child inside). I spend a lot of …

Peeping Out

"Hold on for dear life my friend."

Round One: Let the Game Begin!

"...walking into the sunlight of my artistic future!"

Many Moons: A New One Rises

"I am NOT giving up, I am not going anywhere, and I'm certainly NOT GOING QUIETLY!"


The Dawn Fine Art Scraffito by S.T.Martin


this painting is a commentary on my journey

The Hurrier I Go…

THE BEHINDER I GET How true, how true that Pennsylvania Dutch saying is. I squander my art endeavors, rushing from this deadline to that, frazzled, befuddled and unsatisfied. That may be what drove Van Gogh insane, the constant turmoil to do better. I am making the presumption that perhaps the rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder that …

Birds of Paradise

"...running to the window, still asleep, she fell thru the glass with a crash..."

Are You Confused?

"Dysfunction Junction", BEST of the BEST at The Backus Museum, 2016Detail:Growth, Susan T. Martin" Renata's Path" commissionBefore Reaching Out, Landscape of St. Lucie River at River Park Marina,Acrylic on Canvas, Susan T. Martin, 2016Keep My Distance!A Flashback!A Glance Back at Some Random Works since 2015 Who Was I Then? Am I Now? Who Will I …


"introducing SUTI'S Whimsies, Susan T. Martin's Joyful, Buoyant Designs...

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