Round One: Let the Game Begin!

"...walking into the sunlight of my artistic future!"

An Artist’s Realization:

"My dreams are NOT dead!..."

Many Moons: A New One Rises

"I am NOT giving up, I am not going anywhere, and I'm certainly NOT GOING QUIETLY!"


The Dawn Fine Art Scraffito by S.T.Martin

The Big Show

One just can't help getting one's hopes up when entering shows. You read the call, you think "Wow! Piece of Cake! That's exactly the kind of art I do anyway!" If , on the other hand I said, "Wow! That is one tough call. I WILL REALLY HAVE TO DIG DEEP AND PUSH MY LIMITS..." …


'Progress, not perfection.' Who said that? I hate you, whoever you are. Because I...WANT...PERFECTION! The Earth keeps spinning on it's Axis, and my mind keeps spinning like a mouse wheel. A recent medical issue charges my thoughts with negative ions, even with semi-positive news reports... Nothing to see here, folks. Let's keep moving... Relevance...that's the …


Stuck in the Barnyard "OLD McDONALD HAD A COMMISSION...Oh no, Oh no, Oh no......" The First Draft of "The Dreaded Barnyard" One of my Trippy Palm Frond Creations So, I had a "Patron", and I am envisioning a relationship similar to Michaelangelo had with The Pope.. Endless coffers, freedom of expression in my own magnificent …

A Freewheeling Frenzy!

This Beauty is one of a pair of Cabintet from a large entertainment stand, The Other is outside, drying... I have to get the mix just right: a smidgen of anxiety, a pinch of hunger, a good dose of caffeine and just about 48 hours without sleep and *BAM*! The NY creative lightning strikes! Tonight …


"introducing SUTI'S Whimsies, Susan T. Martin's Joyful, Buoyant Designs...

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