My Busy Little Brain: FULL THROTTLE

WIN_20180915_02_51_49_Pro  I have been trying, for at least the past 2 years, to develop a Portfolio of my Artwork here on this Platform… I have also tried, with every waking hour, to think of ways to market my work in such a way that I could one day be completely self sufficient, financially, like I was before I was hurt. Really, if I think back a little further, and dig a little deeper, I have felt like half a human since I became “disabled”, back in 2003.

So much water under the bridge, a lifetime of never measuring up in my Dad’s eyes, of being invisible in my female-ness, always straining, stretching to stand taller than  my brother, faster than him, tougher than him…Life. A vicious cycle of unrequited dreams… BDon’t let me have another pity party. I just wanted to express how HARD it is to “market” oneself as an artist, especially when you bare your deepest emotions in your art, like I do. My artwork is where I  can truly drop my guard and truly be my innermost, authentic self.

So here I am, again, trying to fire you readers up, to know that I am just like you…Naked, and cold, pity-able, blind and naked! However, I am not afraid to show myself in this wretched state. Because in my C103333C-A346-4AFE-8F03-03E75A429004Artists Way, I am beautiful!